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28 March 2023

AEB helps solve waste crisis in Rome

AEB helps solve waste crisis in Rome

Like most waste incinerators in the Netherlands, AEB has been processing waste from abroad for many years. AEB is now going to process Italian waste in the coming years, helping to solve the waste problem in Rome. In Rome there is in fact a considerable shortage of waste processing. This is due in part to a major fire last year at the largest waste processing company that processed the city of Rome's waste.

The waste comes from the municipality of Rome by train. AEB has its own rail connection on the site that has been made ready for use. The train consists of 16 wagons specifically for this project. Packages of baled waste from the Municipality of Rome are placed in the train and driven directly to AEB.

AEB processes this waste in its efficient incinerators, generating energy for households and businesses. This is more beneficial to the environment than landfilling in Rome, even if the train transport of the waste is included.

Landfilling of residual waste, which is still done in many countries in Europe, is a low-grade method of waste disposal with harmful environmental consequences, mainly due to methane emissions. With this agreement, AEB is making a very grateful contribution to a major waste problem in a major city in Europe.