Social responsibility


Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is anchored in AEB’s mission: ‘AEB continues to resolve waste issues for a clean society now and in the future’. Our objective is to work with our partners to resolve waste issues in a responsible manner by recovering more and more raw materials and generating a maximum of energy from the remaining waste.

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International directive

The international directive for ISO 26000 is our guide when it comes to the CSR themes that are most important to AEB: Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, and Involvement in and development of community. We monitor our policy in dialogue with a number of internal and external stakeholders, and restructure our CSR policy as and when necessary.



AEB is committed to caring for the environment. Our air emissions remain below the levels prescribed by the legislation and environmental permit. AEB converts various types of waste into energy and raw materials as sustainably and efficiently as possible and so avoids (net) CO2 emissions.

Occupational health and safety

By their nature AEB’s industrial processes entail safety risks. At AEB, our key concern is the safety of our employees, our visitors, and the environment. We aim to make AEB into an accident-free company.

Involvement in and development of community

As a sustainable raw materials and energy company, AEB has an important social role to play. We contribute to local employment, for instance by creating jobs in the Regional Sorting Centre. This offers people who are at a distance from the labour market an opportunity to have a regular job in the sector.



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International cooperation

Social responsibility




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