About AEB Amsterdam

The history of AEB goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century. As Amsterdam expanded, household waste posed an ever growing problem. Vuilverbranding Amsterdam Noord, a waste incineration plant, provided the solution. As the city grew, so did waste processing. The development led to the founding of the Afval Energie Bedrijf (Waste Energy Company), part of the municipality of Amsterdam. AEB became an independent company in 2014. Being independent, we contribute to Amsterdam's sustainability ambitions and those of the surrounding municipalities and companies we work with. Today, AEB is one of the largest waste processing plants in Western Europe.

Every year we process 1.4 million tonnes of waste for our customers. We work as cleanly and safely as possible and ensure a healthy financial basis. Together with our partners, we work to solve waste issues. Based on our social conviction, we are always focused on the most responsible solutions for our customers within the possibilities of the moment.  Ensuring a clean society means that we recycling as much as possible and extract valuable materials from waste. What remains we incinerate efficiently and in doing so we provide electricity and district heating for an increasing number of Amsterdam households.


Our organisation

At AEB, everyday, some 320 people work on a better and cleaner society. They work in een inspiring and safe environment. As an independent company AEB Amsterdam contributes to achieving environmental goals of the surrounding municipalities and companies we cooperate with.


Our Board of Directors consists of three members:

  • Wim van Lieshout, CEO
  • René Klaassen, CFO
  • Albert den Hartog, COO



Wim van Lieshout, CEO AEB Amsterdam


Our Supervisory Board consists of three members:

  • Gerard Boot (shared presidency)
  • Huub Cuijpers (shared presidency)
  • Marlies Mulder