Working safely at AEB

At AEB Amsterdam we work safely. This page contains the safety rules that apply at AEB for different types of work. Employees of companies who work at AEB must be in possession of a valid identity document (Passport, ID card or work permit). In addition, a valid VCA-certificate is required.

Safety regulations

A special contractors page containing all safety topics and procedures is available for contractors. Access to this page can be requested via your contact person at AEB.

Safety and rules of conduct are in place for working at AEB. Everyone on the AEB site must be familiar with these rules and comply to them.


Depositing waste at AEB

If you bring waste to AEB to be processed, we want you to leave the site safely. This is important not only for you, but also for our colleagues and the other drivers who come to deposit waste. That is why we have listed the most important safety rules for you. In the safety film, we show you how you can dump your waste safely with us. Complying with these rules prevents accidents from happening.

Veiligheidsvoorschriften voor veilig storten bij AEB: