International cooperation

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International cooperation

Internationally AEB offers services from consult to operations and co-design.The technology of AEB's High-Yield Waste Processing Plant in Amsterdam has the highest waste-to-energy rate of any existing processing plant in the world, at 30%. This high yield is also achieved with the lowest emissions of harmful substances, using a flue gas treatment system specially developed at AEB.

International interest

There is huge international interest in our technology and philosophy. This interest comes from all over the world. The fact that our High Yield Waste-to Energy facility has been running perfectly since 2008, increasing performance year on year, shows the robustness of the concept and the operational excellence of our people. The business case based on this proven performance is very good to excellent in most parts of the world. Of course a feasibility study for any specific location must ensure if the preconditions are met.
Besides the large positive environmental impact through emission reduction and production of renewable energy and raw materials, we offer constant innovation and participation in our research programs aiming for a clean society.
It probably is because our reputation for quality and reliability is something we hold very dear and will never compromise that we attrackt a lot of interest from well reputed governments and NGO’s.






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International cooperation

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