AEB greatly contributes to achieving the goal of an environmentally sustainable society by solving problems related to waste. We recover increasing quantities of raw materials from waste and generate the maximum amount of energy from the remaining waste. Together with our partners we develop innovative techniques to improve the environmental sustainability of waste processing.

Strengthening the circular economy

AEB aims to strengthen the circular economy by optimising our processes and making them more environmentally sustainable. We are also implementing more efficient recycling methods so that no raw materials are lost in the production and consumption chain.  
The transition to a circular economy requires innovation in all areas: social (e.g. changes to behaviour), technical and in business and revenue models. Each step we take is evaluated together with AEB’s wide range of partners.


During coming years we are going to implement important steps to recover much more raw materials from waste and generate more energy in a sustainable way. We are working on the following projects:



•    Processing of the mineral fraction of bottom ash to produce a good quality and freely applicable replacement for sand and gravel that can be used, for example, in construction projects.

The bottom ash that remains after the incineration of waste is processed to produce clean building materials. This is done according to the Green Deal programme agreed between the Dutch government and waste-to-energy companies [link naar nieuwsbericht Green Deal]. We are working with Inashco to recover more metals from bottom ash and allow these metals to be recycled. We are also cooperating to process the mineral fraction of bottom ash to produce good and freely applicable building materials. These successful and innovative techniques contribute to achieving a more environmentally sustainable society.

•    Separating plastics and the organic fraction from household waste

Household residual waste contains a number of valuable raw materials that can be extracted and recycled. Our waste separation process enables us to separate plastics from the residual fraction so that they can be recycled. The organic fraction is then used to produce valuable biogas in a fermenter.

•    Processing biogas to produce green gas equivalent to natural gas and pure CO2

Biogas produced by fermenting the organic fraction of residual waste can be processed to produce gas that is equivalent to natural gas but more sustainable, namely green gas. This gas can be distributed using the normal gas network. High quality liquid CO2 is also produced during the process.

•    Capturing CO2 from emissions from the waste-to-energy plant and supplying pure CO2

We are researching ways to capture pure CO2 from the flue gases of the waste-to-energy plant. At present, AEB already has a plant that delivers the best electrical yield available. Recovering CO2 would result in even greater environmental benefits.

•    Supplying steam

Our existing plants already allow us to supply steam to companies nearby. For these companies, steam from AEB is a more sustainable and more economical alternative to fossil fuel natural gas.

Our partners in various projects and studies include the City of Amsterdam, municipalities nearby, Waternet, the Port of Amsterdam and Inashco.

Innovation programme

Together with academic institutions, companies and municipalities we develop and implement new solutions that contribute to the strategy of recovering increasing quantities of raw materials from waste and using the residual waste to generate energy as sustainably as possible. We also participate in AMS (Advanced Metropolitan Solutions), Wastecosmart and City-zen

Our innovation programme focuses on the following themes:
1.    Generating energy from biomass

2.    Extracting raw materials from biomass

3.    Collecting, separating and sorting (multiple streams)

4.    Processing of materials recovered from waste

5.    Closing local cycles

6.    Capturing and supplying CO2

Innovation _program _AEB


New ideas and possibilities for cooperation

We are always open to new ideas and possibilities for cooperation. If you would like to share an idea that fits into our strategy, we would be glad to hear from you:

Waste from Abroad

International cooperation

Social responsibility




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