Solving waste issues
AEB contributes to a cleaner society by solving waste issues. We recover more and more raw materials. From residual waste, AEB generates maximum heat and electricity. The innovative technology of our highly efficient Waste Fired Power Plant offers the most sustainable option in the world for energy recovery from waste. Together with partners, we work on innovations to make waste processing more sustainable. AEB constantly looks for new ways to separate and recycle raw materials from waste. Since 2017 we separate residual waste in a specially built post-separation facility. A new biomass power plant is also under construction to provide sustainable heat from regional waste wood starting mid 2020.



Waste separation facility
In 2017, a new separation facility for large-scale post-separation of household waste was put into use. Here we reclaim seven types of raw material flows. Every day regional municipalities deliver 900 tons of waste they collect for separation. In the coming years we will take further steps to recover even more raw materials from waste.

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Bio energy plant
AEB is building a sustainable energy plant in the Amsterdam port area that will run entirely on biomass. With this power station, AEB can offer double the sustainable heat capacity to the city's district heating network. This biomass power plant provides around 67,000 tonnes of avoided CO2 per year.

The AEB Bio-energy Plant converts up to 110,000 tonnes of low-value waste wood into 935 Terajoule of sustainable energy for Amsterdam per year. This wood is not suitable for high-quality applications such as paper production or wood processing. These branches, twigs, small chips and sawdust residues come from landscape management companies and woodworkers in a radius of up to 150 km from Amsterdam. AEB supplies the generated heat via the district heating network of Westpoort Warmte - a joint venture between Vattenfall and AEB.

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Steam supply
In early 2019 research started into the possibility of supplying steam from the AEB plant to  Argent Energy. It is possible to provide surrounding companies with steam from our existing facilities. This use of residual steam is a more sustainable and cheaper alternative for the process industry than generation of steam with fossil natural gas.

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Diaper recycling
Raw materials can be recovered from baby diapers for high-quality reuse. AEB investigates the construction of a new innovative installation in Amsterdam. The recycling technology is developed with partners in a European research project. The installation will sterilize diapers and process them to secondary raw materials such as plastics, cellulose and absorbent materials.

CO2 capture and transport
AEB wants to capture CO2 from the waste plant's flue gases and deliver this as pure CO2 to glasshouse horticulture companies in the Westland. They now generate this CO2 themselves for use as a nutrient for plant growth. AEB wants to capture and deliver 450,000 tons of CO2 every year. An investigation is underway into the technical and economic feasibility.

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