AEB Privacy Statement

AEB respects the privacy of its customers, the public, employees and suppliers. AEB therefore attaches great importance to the careful and safe handling of personal data which, in accordance with the most recent regulations, only takes place to the extent necessary for the execution of the business process in question. The privacy statement, which is available on our website, provides insight into how we process personal data as well as contact information should you have any questions or comments. AEB will never make personal data available to third parties or use them for purposes other than those for which they were made available unless you have given your explicit consent or a legal obligation requires us to transfer this data to the competent authorities.

Processing of personal data

AEB processes personal data only for the purpose for which they were provided.

If you visit one of our websites, we use cookies to optimise digital services via the websites.

If you provide information via one of the digital forms on our website, we will only use your information for the purpose of performing the services as indicated in the form. For example: if you submit a question via a form, we answer this question based on the personal data you provided in that form.

AEB also uses its websites for recruitment and selection purposes. You can submit your CV as part of an application procedure. We only use your information for the recruitment and selection process and to contact you. By submitting your details you agree to their use for the aforementioned purposes.

When you enter into an agreement with AEB, either as a customer or as a supplier, we only collect the personal data which is necessary in order to honour the commitments stipulated in the agreement. These commitments may relate to the deployment of personnel, delivery of services and products, financial settlement, and the promotion of services and products. The data recorded in our systems include your name and address data, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number, bank account number and contact details.

When we contact you via social media, for example on Twitter, we may process personal data such as name, Twitter ID and IP address in order to maintain our high level of service via these channels.


Retention period for personal data

In principle, AEB retains personal data for the period necessary to perform the service or to comply with that which has been agreed in the applicable agreement. If the law prescribes a longer retention period, this will apply (for example, tax law specifies a retention period of 7 years for financial data).


Information security

AEB takes the appropriate technical, organisational and physical measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, in order to prevent undesirable activities being performed with personal data. These measures are in accordance with the security standards as laid down in the Information Security Baseline for Dutch Municipalities (Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Nederlandse Gemeenten, BIG).


Involvement of third parties

If AEB engages third parties to provide the aforementioned services using personal data, AEB will ensure that these parties are bound to at least the same level of security as AEB and comply with the most recent information security and privacy regulations.



By using the websites of AEB you agree to the way in which AEB processes your personal data. AEB cannot be held responsible for keeping personal data of visitors to the AEB websites up-to-date.



If you have any questions or comments regarding the recording and processing of personal data by our company, please contact us by sending an email to

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