28 June 2016

AEB wins BlueSky Award in Shenzhen

AEB's technology for a high efficiency Waste Fired Power Plant (WFPP)has won the BlueSky Award. This award is an initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Shenzhen International Technology Promotion Center for Sustainable Development (ITPC). The aim of the two organisations is to encourage innovations and new and advanced technologies with a high return on investment in the field of renewable energy for developing countries. Jeroen de Swart, CEO of AEB Amsterdam, received the BlueSky Award on behalf of his company.

Uitreiking BlueSky Award
BlueSky Award

The BlueSky Award is presented annually to ten organisations that have developed a technology that can help China and other developing countries become more sustainable. A precondition is that the technology has to be suitable for the current Chinese market.

China wants to build a more sustainable society, both in the areas of waste and emissions and sustainable energy. The technology for the Waste Fired Power Plant increases electricity efficiency by more than 30%. AEB also designed a flue gas treatment system to ensure the lowest possible emissions. These technologies will enable AEB to contribute to a more sustainable China in the fields of waste, energy and emissions. Moreover, the technology will attract investment because of its higher energy yields. AEB is currently talking to Chinese investors and is working on using the technology of the Waste Fired Power Plant in China.

ITPC and the BlueSky Award

A committee of ten experts in the field of sustainable energy, investment and finance assessed a total of forty submissions. Twenty organisations were nominated and ten of these received a BlueSky Award in Shenzhen last Friday. AEB was one of these ten. UNIDO and ITCP assessed the submissions against various criteria, such as measurable impact on the environment, economy and society and cost efficiency. They also assessed which advanced technologies promised the most return on investment in the field of sustainable energy.

The award is an initiative of ITPC. This centre was established in 2001 with the support of UNIDO. ITPC’s mission is to encourage cooperation with organisations that have developed technologies that can help China become more sustainable.


About AEB Amsterdam

AEB is a sustainable raw materials and energy company in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. AEB was privatised in 2014 and the City of Amsterdam remains its sole shareholder. Every day 400 people work together at AEB to create a clean society. Of the 1.4 million tonnes of waste that AEB processes every year, 99% is recycled into raw materials and energy. The heat from the incineration of the residual waste generates electricity for 320,000 households and provides heat for a growing number of households and businesses through a district heating network.

We share our knowledge and expertise in a wide range of national and international partnerships, which has resulted in many innovations, including the technology for the high efficiency Waste Fired Power Plant.

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