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26 March 2015

AEB takes next step in collaboration with Shenzhen

CEO Jeroen de Swart signs MoU in presence of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary Wilma Mansveld

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary Wilma Mansveld were present in Shenzhen today as Jeroen de Swart, CEO of AEB Amsterdam, signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU) with Shenzhen Energy Environment Engineering Co. (SEEE). This MoU marks an important next step in the collaboration between both parties to reach a sustainable solution for waste processing in China.
The technology of AEB's High-Yield Waste Processing Plant in Amsterdam has the highest waste-to-energy rate of any existing processing plant in the world, at 30%. This high yield is also achieved with the lowest emissions of harmful substances, using a flue gas treatment system specially developed at AEB.

There is huge international interest in this technology, particularly in China. In the city of Shenzhen in southern China – one of the world's fastest growing cities with a population of 14 million – a low-carbon zone known as the East Project – is being built. Plans for this zone include the construction of High-Yield Waste-to-Energy plants.

China produces 300,000,000 tonnes of waste each year (299 kilograms per capita). Using AEB's environmentally friendly technology would achieve a reduction of 80 million tons of CO2 emissions compared to conventional waste incineration plants. If waste that is dumped in landfill sites – currently a common practice in China – is taken into the equation, CO2 reductions of no less than 350 million tonnes can be achieved. The high-yield technology also removes the need for a further 40 coal-fired power stations to be built.

Consultations between AEB and SEEE have been under way for some time, exploring the possibilities of collaborating on the construction of high-yield plants. This resulted in the first exploratory assignment in mid-2014. In the MoU, AEB Amsterdam and SEEE declare their intention to implement AEB's efficient and clean technology in Shenzhen. This will of course be carried out in phases. The final decision-making is expected to take place by the end of 2015.

AEB Amsterdam

Together with our partners we provide waste solutions for a clean society, now and in the future. At present we are doing this by converting waste into sustainable electricity, district heating and high-quality construction materials. In the coming years we will be recovering more and more raw materials for re-use, as well as continuing to generate the maximum electricity from the remaining waste.

AEB has around 400 employees. The company comprises the Waste-to-Energy Plant (AEC), the Waste Fired Power Plant (HRC), the Hazardous Waste Depot and the Amsterdam Waste Points. We are proud of our company's national and international position. The HRC has attracted worldwide interest for its high net waste-to-electricity yield of 30%. We are using innovations to improve the efficiency of our plant and to expand our activities to become the number-one sustainable raw materials and energy company in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


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