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13 February 2015

Green light for Amsterdam district heating pipeline Noorderwarmte

Westpoort Warmte (WPW), a collaboration between Nuon and AEB Amsterdam is going to invest €35 million in providing district heating to Amsterdam Noord. The investment concerns the construction of the “Noorderwarmte” district heating pipeline, which will provide clean heat to Amsterdam Noord. The pipeline is needed to supply residual heat from AEB Amsterdam to existing and future households in Amsterdam Noord. The plan is to connect 20,000 households in Amsterdam Noord to the district heating network by 2030. WPW has already connected 2,400 customers to the Amsterdam Noord district heating network. Expansion of the district heating network is an important objective of the Sustainability Agenda adopted by the Amsterdam City Council. The plan envisages connecting 230,000 households to district heating by 2040 – a figure that represents roughly 40% of the buildings in the city and includes new and existing homes and buildings.

Waste is energy

The waste produced by the citizens of Amsterdam is collected and processed by AEB Amsterdam. The heat produced during the processing of this waste is returned to homes through an underground district heating pipe network. Other, smaller sources of heat are also connected to the district heating network and new sustainable sources will be connected in the future.

Construction work

This spring, Nuon will begin construction of the district heating pipeline for WPW. The completion of the pipeline is planned for autumn 2016. Currently, heat is provided to homes using six temporary heat plants located in various Amsterdam Noord districts. When the pipeline is connected to AEB Amsterdam, the temporary heat plants will be removed. The work consists of the construction of two underground heat pipelines (supply and return) for the city areas of Westpoort and Amsterdam Noord.

The construction of the district heating pipeline is characterised by a large number of parties and the need for many provisions due to the local environment. For example, drilling will be necessary at several places where the pipeline passes under waterways, including the North Sea Canal.

District heating pipeline facts

Trajectory: 16 km

Start of construction: spring 2015

Ready: Autumn 2016

Investment: € 35 million

Current number of customers in area: 66,000 in Amsterdam, of which 20,000 are supplied by AEB.

Environmental benefits: CO₂ emissions reduced by 70% to 80%


About district heating

More and more Dutch households and companies use district heating. The heat used is often a by-product of industrial processes such as the processing of waste. AEB is an important supplier of district heating in Amsterdam, together with the Diemen power station operated by Nuon. In this way, district heating allows excess heat to be put to a new, environmentally friendly purpose. Nuon supplies district heating to thousands of households and companies in many different urban areas Netherlands, reducing emissions of CO2 and particulate. District heating contributes to improving the urban environment and liveability in cities.

About Nuon

Nuon is an energy company that supplies energy and heat to 2.1 million consumers, companies and other organisations in the Netherlands. The company has more than 4,800 employees and strives to supply energy as reliably, affordably and cleanly as possible. Nuon produces and supplies gas, electricity, energy-related products, heating and cooling and assists customers in reducing their energy consumption. Nuon is part of the energy enterprise Vattenfall.

About AEB Amsterdam

For AEB, waste is a source of sustainable energy and valuable metals and materials. In addition to generating energy through the incineration of waste, AEB is increasingly active in the recovery of materials from waste and other methods for generating sustainable energy from waste. AEB is the main source of heat for the district heating networks in Amsterdam West and will become the main source for Amsterdam Noord in the near future. The heat used for district heating is a by-product of the processing of waste at AEB’s waste-to-energy plants.

Waste from Abroad

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