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26 May 2015

Chinese Minister of Energy visits AEB Amsterdam

On Thursday 21 May the Chinese Minister of Energy, Nur Bekri, visited AEB Amsterdam. The Minister was in the Netherlands to attend the Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter. In this conference, countries from all over the world came together to sign the International Energy Charter, which aims to stimulate international collaboration in the field of energy.

In addition to AEB Amsterdam, Nur Bekri also visited Shell. At AEB, the Minister was given a tour of the Waste Fired Power Plant developed by AEB in 2007 on the basis of technological innovations. There is huge international interest in this technology, particularly in China. In March of this year, AEB Amsterdam and Shenzhen Energy Environment Engineering Co. (SEEE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). In the MoU, AEB Amsterdam and SEEE declared their intention to implement AEB’s efficient and clean technology in Shenzhen. The Minister was very interested and spoke of an “inspiring visit”. He indicated that he sees the potential of AEB technology in resolving China’s waste management challenges.

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