23 June 2015

An RDF Export Industry Group has been formed to explore and address issues surrounding RDF export from the UK

The Group benefits from Members including a number of major waste management contractors and operators both from the UK and across Europe, and provides a platform for the industry to communicate its work to third parties including the government and other key stakeholders in the form of reports, presentations or other communications material.

lobbygroep rdf-export
lobbygroep rdf-export

The Group, supported by its Secretariat, Eunomia Research & Consulting Limited, is currently developing a report that will include evidenced-based information which considers legal, environmental and economic issues relating to RDF export. The report is due to be published later in the summer, and will be presented to The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to consider within its current consultation on RDF.

The Group has already submitted a response to Defra’s consultation on waste crime, which was seeking views on enhancing enforcement powers and other measures to tackle waste crime and persistent poor performance in England and Wales.

RDF Export Industry Group Members include:

  • AEB Amsterdam BV;
  • Andusia Recovered Fuels Ltd;
  • Attero BV;
  • Biffa Group Ltd;
  • F & R Cawley Ltd;
  • EEW Energy from Waste;
  • EFO AB;
  • FCC Environment Ltd;
  • Gemi UK Ltd;
  • GMVA GmbH (Remondis);
  • New Earth Solutions Group Ltd;
  • Seneca Environmental Solutions Ltd;
  • Shanks Waste Management Ltd;
  • SWB Gruppe;
  • Twence BV; and
  • Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc



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