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5 March 2015

AEB signs Circular Buiksloterham manifesto

AEB signs the Circular Buiksloterham manifesto on 5 March.

In coming years, Buiksloterham in Amsterdam Noord will undergo a transformation from an industrial zone to an environmentally sustainable residential and office area. The area is viewed as a testing zone for the recycling of waste streams in a residential area. Together with the City of Amsterdam, AEB will provide innovative and efficient collection and processing of household waste in Buiksloterham, including improved separation at the source using coloured garbage bags. The first residents will begin using the new methods during the summer of 2015. Together with residents, AEB will investigate the best ways to close the waste cycle and how this can best be implemented locally and on a larger scale, for example, for biodegradable or construction waste. AEB (as Westpoort Warmte in collaboration with Nuon), is also signing the Circular Buiksloterham in order to play a role in the provision of district heating. The initiative offers opportunities for testing new solutions. With regard to district heating, this could include making sustainable heating more available at district level, in line with the Sustainability Agenda of the City of Amsterdam.

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