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Uitreiking BlueSky Award
28 June 2016

AEB wins BlueSky Award in Shenzhen

AEB's technology for a high efficiency Waste Fired Power Plant (WFPP)has won the BlueSky Award. This award is an initiative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Shenzhen International Technology Promotion Center for Sustainable Development (ITPC). The aim of the two organisations is to encourage innovations and new and advanced technologies with a high return on investment in the field of renewable energy for developing countries. Jeroen de Swart, CEO of AEB Amsterdam, received the BlueSky Award on behalf of his company.

7 October 2015

Half-year results 2015

AEB has compiled its half-year results for the first six months of 2015. These were adopted by the Supervisory Board on 17 August. The results of € 4.5 million up to and including June were better than expected.

nieuwe corporate brochure AEB
7 October 2015

AEB Amsterdam corporate brochure

"For a clean society" is the title of AEB Amsterdam's new corporate brochure. This brochure illustrates how we, as an independent company, are working to achieve our ambition of being the number one sustainable raw materials and energy company in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by 2018.

lobbygroep rdf-export
23 June 2015

An RDF Export Industry Group has been formed to explore and address issues surrounding RDF export from the UK

The Group benefits from Members including a number of major waste management contractors and operators both from the UK and across Europe, and provides a platform for the industry to communicate its work to third parties including the government and other key stakeholders in the form of reports, presentations or other communications material.

26 May 2015

Chinese Minister of Energy visits AEB Amsterdam

On Thursday 21 May the Chinese Minister of Energy, Nur Bekri, visited AEB Amsterdam. The Minister was in the Netherlands to attend the Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter. In this conference, countries from all over the world came together to sign the International Energy Charter, which aims to stimulate international collaboration in the field of energy.

16 April 2015

Green Deal bottom ash programme a success

An interim evaluation of the Green Deal bottom ash programme has shown that the participating companies are well on their way to achieving the programme’s objectives. The companies are using innovative technologies to improve the quality of bottom ash so that this secondary raw material is suitable for useful applications without the need for isolation measures. “This gives bottom ash a positive value allowing it to compete with primary raw materials,” says Jaap Pranger, AEB’s CFO, in his capacity as chairman of the Waste-to-Energy Department of the Dutch Waste Management Association (WMA).

14 April 2015

New storage depot

Since 1 April, AEB has a new on-site storage depot. It can store more than 8,000 bales – a total of 20,000 tons of waste.
The new depot is a major improvement in our logistics process and provision of services. It often happens that more waste is delivered than we can process at a time. Previously, we had to temporarily store excess waste at an external location, which entailed additional transport movements. Having our own storage capability enables us to operate more flexibly: when bunker levels are low, we use the buffer we have on site and when levels are high, we temporarily store the excess waste at our own depot.

26 March 2015

AEB takes next step in collaboration with Shenzhen

CEO Jeroen de Swart signs MoU in presence of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary Wilma Mansveld

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary Wilma Mansveld were present in Shenzhen today as Jeroen de Swart, CEO of AEB Amsterdam, signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU) with Shenzhen Energy Environment Engineering Co. (SEEE). This MoU marks an important next step in the collaboration between both parties to reach a sustainable solution for waste processing in China.
The technology of AEB's High-Yield Waste Processing Plant in Amsterdam has the highest waste-to-energy rate of any existing processing plant in the world, at 30%. This high yield is also achieved with the lowest emissions of harmful substances, using a flue gas treatment system specially developed at AEB.

Manifest Buiksloterham
5 March 2015

AEB signs Circular Buiksloterham manifesto

AEB signs the Circular Buiksloterham manifesto on 5 March.

In coming years, Buiksloterham in Amsterdam Noord will undergo a transformation from an industrial zone to an environmentally sustainable residential and office area. The area is viewed as a testing zone for the recycling of waste streams in a residential area. Together with the City of Amsterdam, AEB will provide innovative and efficient collection and processing of household waste in Buiksloterham, including improved separation at the source using coloured garbage bags. The first residents will begin using the new methods during the summer of 2015. Together with residents, AEB will investigate the best ways to close the waste cycle and how this can best be implemented locally and on a larger scale, for example, for biodegradable or construction waste. AEB (as Westpoort Warmte in collaboration with Nuon), is also signing the Circular Buiksloterham in order to play a role in the provision of district heating. The initiative offers opportunities for testing new solutions. With regard to district heating, this could include making sustainable heating more available at district level, in line with the Sustainability Agenda of the City of Amsterdam.

13 February 2015

Green light for Amsterdam district heating pipeline Noorderwarmte

Westpoort Warmte (WPW), a collaboration between Nuon and AEB Amsterdam is going to invest €35 million in providing district heating to Amsterdam Noord. The investment concerns the construction of the “Noorderwarmte” district heating pipeline, which will provide clean heat to Amsterdam Noord. The pipeline is needed to supply residual heat from AEB Amsterdam to existing and future households in Amsterdam Noord. The plan is to connect 20,000 households in Amsterdam Noord to the district heating network by 2030. WPW has already connected 2,400 customers to the Amsterdam Noord district heating network. Expansion of the district heating network is an important objective of the Sustainability Agenda adopted by the Amsterdam City Council. The plan envisages connecting 230,000 households to district heating by 2040 – a figure that represents roughly 40% of the buildings in the city and includes new and existing homes and buildings.

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