About AEB

Our aim is a cleaner society,
today and in the future

About AEB

The history of AEB goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century. As Amsterdam expanded, household waste posed an ever growing problem. Vuilverbranding Amsterdam Noord, a waste incineration plant, provided the solution.

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Mission, ambition, strategy and team

Our mission

AEB permanently solves waste problems in order to create a clean society, now and in the future. For this purpose, we extract as many usable materials as possible from waste in a clean and responsible manner. The heat produced by waste incineration is used to generate electricity, and is also used for home and business heating.

Our ambition

AEB is a partner in solving waste problems in a responsible manner by recovering more and more raw materials and generating the maximum amount of energy from the remaining waste.

Our strategy for 2018

Our strategy for 2018 is:

1. AEB will recover four times as many raw materials from waste
(from 58 kilotons to 228 kilotons) by means of:

  • Separation of household waste (20 kilotons of plastic)
  • Processing of minerals from bottom ash (150 kilotons as sand/gravel replacement)
  • Pilots for helping Amsterdam and regional municipalities with more recycling:
  • Smarter collection (via coloured bags, more reuse of bulk waste)
  • Processing of waste flows separated at the source

2. AEB will generate twice as much energy from biomass
(from 299 TJ to 537 TJ) by:

  • Converting separated fruit and vegetable waste into green gas (together with Waternet):
    from 200 kilotons to 217 TJ

3. AEB will remain the largest supplier of sustainable energy in the region - comparable to 200 3-MW windmills, which can generate enough energy for 300,000 households - by means of:

  • Maximum use of the Waste-to-Energy Plant (AEC) and the Waste Fired Power Plant (HRC): 1 million MWh
  • Greater heat supply (with 75 TJ per year to 565 TJ in 2018)
  • Steam supply
  • Pilot for CO2 capture and supply

Our team

Every day 400 people work together at AEB to create a clean society. AEB employees work in an inspiring and safe environment. We work together in accordance with the following core values: reliability, passion, helpfulness, self-confidence and discipline. 

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